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Vol 2, 1999, 2 No

Social and Economic Sciences

  • Social and Economic Sciences

    Social and Economic Sciences

    Loskutov V.I.
    The end of liberal reforms and prospects of Russian economy development

    Yandola Yu.V.
    Role of social processes in political transformation of modern Russia

    Syurina Т.S.
    Conditions of labour in market economy

    Sokolov I.B.
    Theoretical aspects of off-shore business

    Chechurina М.N.
    Estimation of innovation efficiency

    Nikitin P.B., Kibitkin Yu.А.
    Methods of economic estimation of oil and gas resources of Russian continental shelf

    Chernov A.S.
    Statistics of raw materials unemployment: problems and prospects

    Меdko Ye.К.
    Management of quality, safety, health and environment - management of the XXI century

    Kachala V.V.
    Systematic approach of economic parameters forecasting

    Bogopolsky Yu.A.
    Maintenance of stability of small enterprises functioning in the Murmansk region

    Raskin I.Yu.
    Revolutionary changes of technologies of economic systems management as basis of regional economy development

    Vorob'yova О.G.
    Problems of Russian accounts practice transformation according to the international standards

    Vorob'yova О.G.
    Systems of account and instruments of financial condition regulation of enterprises

    Pivovarova N.B.
    Construction of a stochastic model of option cost

    Perederiy А.А.
    The marketing concept of personnel management

    Yemel'yanova I.N.
    Some aspects of small business in Russia

    Shiganov V.V.
    Small business in an industrial region: formation and estimation of its condition (on the example of the Murmansk region)

    Bezuglova М.А., Yelokhin V.R., Yelokhin I.V.
    On investment policy in power economy of northwest of Russia

    Shiganov А.V.
    Tax methods of management of regional economy (on the example of the Murmansk region)

    Ganich А.V.
    Some questions of management of property at enterprises with individual and small serial production in the Murmansk region in the 90s

    Bezuglova М.А.
    Some aspects of economic problems of sea and fishing fleet of Northern pool

    Vasil'ev А.М.
    Perfection of principles of resource management

    Kibitkin А.I., Senetskaya L.B., Yakobson Yu.А.
    Analysis of natural and cost parameters of fleet catching cod in the Barents sea

    Vasil'ev А.М., Kuranov Yu.F.
    Creation of favourable conditions for ship processing in ports of the Northern pool

    Komarova А.G.
    Social transport and investments (on the example of Saint-Petersburg)

    Maximets L.G.
    Contractual work of educational institutions

    Goncharov А.А.
    Classification of branches of sphere of service

    Yemel'yanov А.V.
    Some aspects of quality of tourist trade

    Boltushkin V.Е.
    Basic tendencies of economic basis formation of local government in Russian Federation

    Smirnov V.V.
    Crime. Questions of partnership

    Zhuravlyov О.М.
    Negative mental conditions as a primary factor of psyhologically discomfortable professional dialogue of the lawyer