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Vol 16, 2013, 4 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Alloyarova Yu.V., Nikolaenko O.A., Kuranova L.K., Semyonov B.N.
Use of capelin for producing cans from cold smoked raw material and quality evaluation of final product

Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.
Analytical evaluation of thermal impact of low-power inground nuclear plant module on permafrost rocks

Amosov P.V.
Verification of the code for numerical modelling of thermal processes in porous medium with phase transition "ice – water" taken into account

Asming V.E., Vinogradov Yu.A., Prokudina A.V.
Modeling of seismic location in three-dimensional media

Blazheev A.Yu., Klyuchko D.V., Men'shikov V.I.
Pilotage mechanisms and their invisibility at navigating in constrained waters

Bogatikov V.N., Maslov A.A., Vlasov A.V., Kaychenov A.V., Piskaryova A.D.
Development of industrial systems condition estimation technology based on a safety factor and decision making of motivated systems behavior

Vlasov A.B., Buev S.A.
Analysis of reliability of electrical equipment of North-West fishery companies' ships

Vlasov A.B., Buev S.A.
Estimation of indicators of ship electrical equipment reliability, influence on the marine safety and probability of insurance risks

Gaponenkov I.A., Fyodorova O.A.
Microwave treatment of wastewater sludge of food production

Grokhovskiy V.A., Ershov A.M., Glazunov Yu.T., Shokina Yu.V., Bespalova V.V.
Developing technology of light-salted fish with smoking aroma using the liquid smoke "Skwama-2"

Dorozhko V.M.
The maximum of dynamic load of extreme waves on hull and elements of ship design in the deep sea

Ermakov S.V.
Analysis of the system "navigator in the situation"

Zhitnyak M.S., Kuleznev I.A.
Men'shikov V.I., Reliability of observing surrounding navigation space with errors of a "human element"

Zaporozhtsev I.F., Sereda A.-V.I.
Artificial neural networks application to temporal variability forecast of ocean surface characteristics spatial distribution

Zenkova I.V.
Summer dynamic of soil temperature in the "Pasvik" reserve mountains

Korikhin N.V., Eygenson S.N.
Stress state of band with the system of periodic cracks

Kuklin D.V.
Correction of errors caused by stepwise approximation of a wire in finite difference time domain method

Kuleznev I.A., Zhitnyak M.S., Men'shikov V.I.
Estimation of positive completeness of navigation routes planning

Kumova Zh.V.
Requirements for metrological safety of gauges of linear dimensions of different purposes

Lovchikov A.V., Savchenko S.N.
Stress state of rocks near stope in the "Karnasurt" mine

Masloboev A.V.
Cognitive technology for dynamic synthesis and configuration of problem-oriented multi-agent virtual environments

Men'shikov V.I., Nikitcev K.V., Levoev I.N., Sologubov V.V.
Optimizing the selection of result in difficult fishing navigational situation

Muraveiko A.V., Stepanyuk I.A., Muraveiko V.M., Frolova N.S.
The effects of electromagnetic fields on the activity of marine organisms in the Schumann resonance area

Nechaev E.P.
Non-collapsible control of wear of parts of cylinder-piston diesel group

Peretrukhina I.V., Kazeeva D.O.
Laboratory diagnostics of chromosomal pathology in Murmansk and the Murmansk region (2006-2011)

Puolokainen T.M.
Covering of all convex polyhedrons of class D

Savchenko S.N.
Some possible scenarios of the two-parameter dynamic system evolution

Saltan N.V.
Dynamic of heavy metals content in assimilating organs of plants from the impact zone of Severonickel

Khairullin M.Kh., Morozov P.E., Abdullin A.I., Shamsiev M.N.
Modelling of development and decomposition of gas hydrates in porous medium at depressurization

Tsimokha Yu.A., Khrapov V.E.
Organisational and economic mechanisms of workers' social insurance by insurance preventive measures

Yudin Yu.I., Grabarovsky A.B.
Calculation of constant components of regular sea power impact on the vessel "Bavenit"

Yarov V.N., Yarova O.Yu., Kalityonkov N.V., Milkin V.I.
Structural characteristics of street lighting lamps for a cold climatic zone