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Vol 3, 2000, 1 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Natural Sciences

    Engineering Sciences

    Shadrin Yu.I., Anisimov A.N., Glazunov A.A.
    On circulation of fishing vessel manoeuvring

    Menshikov V.I., Anisimov A.N., Furgasa Desalen Merdasa
    Management system from the teleological action position

    Pashentsev S.V.
    Constructions of the navigational safety zone of a vehicle and its kinematic characteristics based on observation of two diverse points of the vehicle

    Pashentsev S.V.
    Zermelo navigational task: an analytical solution for a vortical field

    Pashentsev S.V.
    Compression of navigational tables by the Wolsh base

    Prygunov A.I., Belolipetsky A.V.
    New methods of analysis of nonstationary high-speed variable machinery processes

    Borisova L.F., Babkin V.E.
    Complex technological maintenance of professional training of automated systems experts

    Borisova L.F.
    Increase of efficiency of local computer networks functioning using logic properties of their structures

    Natural Sciences

    Dranitsa Yu.P.
    On one method of non-stationary dynamic systems and processes modelling

    Dranitsa Yu.P.
    On one method of incorrectly stated tasks solution

    Rozhkov A.S.
    The inverse dynamic problem solution for the layered media

    Blyas E.A., Rozhkov A.S.
    Construction of high-speed models on the data of vertical seismic profiling

    Rozhkov A.S.
    Method of thickness and velocity calculation within the weathering layer in marine seismography

    Madatov A.G., Sereda A.-V.I.
    The forward and inverse fluid dynamic problems of pore pressure prediction in sedimentary basins. 1. The theoretical aspect

    Petrova G.A., Kirkwood Sh.
    Modelling of the electron density profile in the high latitude lower ionosphere

    Sverdlov Yu. L.
    Auroral irregularities and the Farley - Buneman instability

    Pivovarov V.G., Nikonov O.A.
    On the paradox of twins

    Ratkin N.E.
    Quantitative estimation of the substance aerotechnogenic flow on the surface by the calculation method

    Morozov S.V., Koshkin V.V.
    Geographical informational database on radiation problems of the Arctic North