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Vol 18, 2015, 2 No

Earth sciense

Asming V. E., Vinogradova Yu. A., Evtyugina Z. A.
Calibration of the Khibiny Massif velocity model using registration of industrial explosions

Kozyrev S. A., Skorokhodov V. F., Nikitin R. M., Amosov P. V., Massan V. V.
Assessment of aerological setting in open mining based on 3D open-pit model

Kuznetсov N. N.
On the question of determining the amount of experiments,reliability and accuracy of the results in the study of physical-mechanical properties of rocks

Lukichev S. V., Shishkin A. S., Gourin K. P.
The implementation of the algorithm of break surface simulation while designing the well breaking

Melnikov N. N., Konukhin V. P., Naumov V. A., Gusak S. A.
Reactor units for power supply of remote and inaccessible regions: Selection issue

Mitrofanova G. V., Ivanova V. A., Nikitina I. V.
Evaluation of the properties of complexing agent-collectors of eudialyte flotation

Savchenko S. N.
Distribution of horizontal tectonic stresses in the Kovdor ore region

Smirnov Yu. G., Orlov A. O.
System monitoring of concrete lining for the mining companies of Khibiny

Voytekhovsky Yu. L., Stepenshchikov D. G.
Fullerenes as potential collectors of noble metals in carbon-bearing geological formations

Kaulina T. V., Bayanova T. B., Talat Ahmad, Lyalina L. M., Mishra M. K., Nitkina E. A., Elizarov D. V., Serov P. A.
Evolution of the Central Indian tectonic zone:Geochemical and isotope-geochronological data

Kozlov E. N.
The principal component analysis for studying polymetasomatic processes in the contacts of carbonatitic complexes of the Kola Peninsula

Kolka V. V., Korsakova O. P., Shelekhova T. S., Tolstobrova A. N.
Reconstruction of the relative level of the White Sea during the Lateglacial – Holocene according to lithological, diatom analyses and radiocarbon dating of small lakes bottom sediments...

Кunakkuzin Е. L., Bayanova Т. B., Nerovich L. I., Borisenko Е. S., Serov P. А., Elizarov D. V.
New Nd-Sr isotope-geochemical research of the paleoproterozoic PGE-bearing Monchetundra massif rocks (the Fennoscandian Shield)

Miroshnikova Ya. A., Pakhomovsky Ya. A.
Vein bodies in the "Moroshkovoe Lake" target (Monchegorsk area) and related mineralization

Nikiforov S. L., Koshel S. M., Sorokhtin N. O., Kozlov N. E.
Seabed digital elevation models and some possibilities of their morphometric analysis

Tolstobrov D. S., Tolstobrova A. N., Kolka V. V., Korsakova O. P.
Postglacial uplift of the Earth crust in the North-Western part of the Kola region

Dauvalter V. А., Kashulin N. А.
Changes in concentrations of nickel and copper in the surface layers of sediments of the Lake Imandra the last half century

Mazukhina S. I., Masloboev V. A., Chudnenko K. V., Maksimova V. V.
Results of modeling of interactions of "water – oil" in sea and river systems of the Far East

Saltan N. V., Shlapak E. P., Zhirov V. K., Gontar O. B., Svyatkovskaya E. A.
The chemical composition of the snow in urban environment in the Far North

Svetlov A. V., Potapov S. S., Potapov D. S., Kravchenko E. A., Erokhin Yu. V., Potokin A. S., Selivanova E. A., Suvorova O. V., Kumarova V. A., Nesterov D. P., Makarov D. V., Masloboev V. A.
Investigation of possibility of recovery nonferrous metals and producing building materials from copper-nickel smelterslag

Sulimenko L. P., Koshkina L. B., Mingaleva T. A., Makarov D. V., Masloboev V. A.
The investigation of molybdenum migration in aqueous media landscape of the Khibiny massif to develop environmental activities

Cherepanova T. A., Maksimova V. V., Gorbacheva T. T.
The change in hydrochemical composition and forms of migration of elements in the Niva River after the decrease of technogenic load