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Vol 18, 2015, 4 No

Technical Sciences

Agarkov S. A.
Educational potential in the concept of the Arctic region sustainable development

Agarkov S. A.
Evaluation of control quality by deviations from the sighting line

Borisova L. F., Korobko A. N.
The non-self-propelled hydropower vessel for electrical energy providing of Arctic and Far East hard-to-reach areas

Brazhny А. I.
Navigation safety caravan route towing in stationary traffic

Vlasov A. V., Kaychenov A. V., Viskov A. Yu., Yudin Yu. I.
Study of the satellite navigation system OEM615's accuracy characteristics in various modes

Danilov Yu. A., Ermakov S. V.
Mathematical substantiation of parameters of safe pelagic trawling in the canyon

Brazhnaya I. E., Glazunov Yu. T., Ershov A. M.
Studying the process of smoke generation in the friction smoke generator and solution of the inverse problem of heat conduction

Grokhovsky V. A., Molchanovsky I. A., Bondarenko A. G.
Developing the technology of mayonnaise sauce with sea urchin caviar, laminaria and nettle

Mukatova M. D., Zotova N. Yu.
Whey as a solvent of medium weight chitosan

Mukatova M. D., Kirichko N. A., Romanenkova E. N.
Quality features of chitin and chitosan produced from crayfish crust-containing waste

Naumov V. A., Suslov A. E., Fatykhov Yu. A.
Boundary conditions during convective drying of fish

Samoilova D. A., Tsibizova M. E.
Freshwater fish internals as a promising source of biologically active lipid complexes

Stolyanov A. V., Kaychenov A. V., Vlasov A. V., Maslov A. A.
Economic method of development of canned food sterilization regimes for industry autoclaves

Shokina Yu. V., Kravets P. P., Lutsyk P. V.
Evaluation of techno-chemical properties of the bivalve mollusk Mya arenaria as fishery perspective object and aquaculture of the Kandalaksha Bay

Antropov I. M., Efimov B. V., Nevretdinov Yu. M.
Influence of line isolation overlappings on formation of lightning overvoltages

Burtsev A. V., Nevretdinov Yu. M., Fastiy G. P.
Results of storm activity registration in the Kola Peninsula

Vlasov A. B., Vlasova S. V., Alloyarov K. B., Muhalev V. A.
The method of controlling the properties of rubber insulation of cables

Glushkov S. S., Glushkov S. P., Kruglov I. A., Ivanov A. A.
Improving the methodology of torsional vibrations' measurement

Karpov V. N., Nemtsev A. A.
Determination of energy efficiency in the design phase of the enterprise by the method of finite relations

Karpov V. N., Nemtsev I. A.
Experimental determination of energy efficiency indices and their use for consumer systems' sustainable development

Chernyshev V. A., Kislyakov M. A., Chernov V. A., KarpechenkovN. D., Osotov V. N., Utepov A. E.
The ESKSISO diagnostic system intended for assessment of insulating system of the oil-filled equipment