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Vol 20, 2017, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2017-20-3

Technical Sciences. Food products technology

Novikov V. Yu., Konovalova I. N., Kuchina Yu. A., Dolgopyatova N. V., Cherkun Yu. A.
Hydration mechanism of heterogeneous alkaline deacetylation of chitin

Cherepanov I. S., Sergeeva K. A.
Melanoidin formation in ethanolic monosaccharide – arylamine – copper (II) systems

Alekseev G. V., Sergachova E. S., Leu A. G., Goncharov M. V.
Assessment of performance of new working bodies of shell type for food raw materials cleaning and grinding

Aminov V. A., Il'in A. Yu.
Universal smoking installation of rotary type

Golubeva O. A. , Grekova O. M.
The crisis of heat transfer of the first kind with milk evaporation: the problem and solutions

Pelenko V. V., Pokholchenko V. A., Usmanov I. I., Somov A. A., Smirnov A. A.
Mathematical modeling and design parameters of crushing machines with variable-pitch helix of the screw

Stolyanov A. V., Kaychenov A. V., Kuranova L. K., Maslov A. A., Grokhovsky V. A.
Temperature field investigation of the industrial autoclave ASCAMAT-230

Volchenko V. I., Irlitsa E. L., Glukharev A. Yu.
Development of a new type of boiled sausage products with the addition of fish raw material

Gribova N. А., Eliseevа L. G.
Consumer preferences in respect of processed fruit and berry products

Dement'eva N. V., Bogdanov V. D.
The study of technological parameters of pacific herring caviar

Eremeeva N. B., Makarova N. V.
The effect of extraction technology on antioxidant activity of black chokeberry

Kurkotilo V. N., Vasilieva Zh. V.
Resource-saving recycling technology of lipid-containing waste of the fishing industry

Titova S. A., Kuranova L. K., Golubeva O. A.
Development of forage cryo minced fish technology

Yashonkov A. A.
Current problems of raw fish material processing while manufacturing dried products

Agarkov S. A., Peregorodova O. V.
The problems in the formation of the habitat of fisheries

Stolbov A. G.
Formation of organizational and economic mechanism of rational use of aquatic biological resources