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Vol 20, 2017, 4 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2017-20-4

Technical Sciences. Transport. Electrical Engineering.

Dymov I. S., Derevyanko R. E., Kotin D. A.
Automation warning system against driver falling asleep in-traffic

Ngo G. V., Sakhno K. N.
Calculation determination of compensatory capabilities of pipeline routes of ship systems

Pashentsev S. V.
Comparative analysis of mathematical models of the ship from the standpoint of controllability of the variances

Sergeev K. О., Pankratov A. А.
Features of rotary pump diagnostics without dismantling

Tagiev T. G., Menshikov V. I.
Mechanism of decision selection defined by values of utility function

Vlasova S. V., Vlasov A. B., Shapochkin P. Yu.
Features of laser diodes' radiation in different temperature intervals

Hasanova L. H., Mustafayev R. I.
A research technique for the effect of higher harmonic voltages on the operating parameters of a permanent magnet synchronous generator

Fastiy G. P., Burtsev A. V., Karpov A. S., Yaroshevich V. V., Tokareva E. A.
Analysis of operating conditions of the voltage transformer

Ivlev M. L., Kuznetsov I. V., Semyonov D. N., Chirtsov A. V.
Use of the virtual instrument technology in complex diagnostics of marine electrical equipment

Gnatyuk V. S., Morozov N. N.
Method of protection of the electronic equipment from pulse X-ray radiation

Kuranov Yu. F.
Trends in the development and updating of the fishing fleet in the Northern Basin

Fadeev А. М., Cherepovitsyn А. Е., Larichkin F. D., Agarkov S. А.
The features of oil & gas complex's strategic management and hydrocarbon products transportation at developing marine oil & gas fields in Arctic

Kudrin B. I., Kosharnaya Yu. V.
The history of decisions on creation of nuclear and metallurgical complex on the basis of the Kola nuclear power plant