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Vol 21, 2018, 1 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2018-21-1

Earth Sciences

Groshev N. Yu. , Malygina A. V., Timofeeva M. G.
Study of the nature of high-magnesian xenoliths of the Gabbro-10 massif, Monchegorsk Complex, the Kola Region

Yevzerov V. Ya.
On the influence of latitudinal climatic zonation on the degradation of the Late Valday (Late Visla) glaciation with the example of marginal formations of the territories of Finland

Kalinin A. A., Chernyavsky A. V.
Alteration of rocks, massive sulfide ores and perspectives for gold mineralization of the Panarechenskaya structure (the Kola Peninsula)

Kozlov E. N., Fomina E. N., Sidorov M. Yu., Kirkin V. V.
Genesis of apocarbonatitic titanium metasomatites of the Petyayan-vara rare-earth occurrence (Vuoriyarvi, the Kola Region)

Nitkina E. A., Bayanova T. B.
Isotope-geochronological study of Ingozero massive (the Kola Peninsula)

Sorokhtin N. O., Nikiforov S. L., Kozlov N. Ye.
Crust-mantle branch of the global carbon cycle and origin of deep-seated hydrocarbons

Vasilieva Zh. V., Moshnyatckaya E. Yu.
Extraction of bioflocculants from activated sludge and their application to wastewater treatment

Mazukhina S. I., Pozhilenko V. I., Masloboev V. A., Sandimirov S. S., Gorbacheva T. T., Drogobuzhskaya S. V., Ivanov S. V.
The formation of the chemical composition of groundwater in South Prohibiny using the example of "Predgorny" water intake

Sukhareva T. A.
Spatial-temporal variability of soils' acidity of Northern taiga forests at lower technogenic load

Fokina N. V., Yanishevskaya E. S., Svetlov A. V., Goryachev A. A.
Functional activity of microorganisms in mining and processing of copper-nickel ores in the Murmansk Region

Bulavina А. S.
Zoning of the White Sea catchment area by the degree of continental runoff influence on the marine environment

Dauvalter V. A., Kashulin N. A.
Distribution of background contents of elements in sediments of Lake Imandra

Libina N. V., Nikiforov S. L.
Ice gouging effects on the eastern Arctic shelf of Russia

Novikov M. A., Draganov D. M.
Pollution of water and bottom sediments of the Polar Front area in the Barents Sea with heavy metals

Ponomarev V. I., Dmitrieva E. V., Shkorba S. P., Karnaukhov A. A.
Change of the global climate regime at the turn of the XX–XXI centuries

Tereshchenko E. D., Milichenko A. N., Rietveld M. T., Chernyakov S. M., Shvets M. V.
Change of the high-latitude ionosphere during heating by a powerful short radio wave of the EISCAT/Heating complex according to signals of the GLONASS satellite and the incoherent scattering radar