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Vol 21, 2018, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2018-21-3

Technical Sciences. Food products technology

Novikova I. V., Yuritsyn I. A., A. S. Muravev A. S.
Conditions of acetic acid producing by Brettanomyces yeast

Obluchinskaya E. D.
Antioxidant complex extracts from fucus algae of the Barents Sea

Pivnenko T. N. , Pozdnyakova Yu. M., Kovalev N. N., Mikheev E. V., Esipenko R. V.
The enzymatic activity of various organs and tissues of Far-Eastern trepang as a system of indicators of maturation and quality of products

Agarkova E. Yu., Kruchinin A. G.
Enzymatic conversion as a method of producing biologically active peptides

Astramovich V. L., Golubeva O. A.
Improving the process of heat treatment of the stingray stellate

Golubeva O. A., Titova S. A., Grekov E. O.
Cryoextrusion in technology of fish feed production

Brazhnaya I. E., Chernyavskaya A. S., Sudak S. N., Bykova A. E.
Development of technology of sauce from regional raw materials with the addition of pectin

Bykov D. E., Makarova N. V., Valiulina D. F.
Chocolate as a product for functional nutrition

Demid A. V., Grokhovsky V. A., Kuranova L. K., Volchenko V. I.
Development of new delicacy pasteurized canned fish with exotic fruits and olive oil

Fermented drinks supplemented with whey proteins and water-soluble antioxidants
Donskaya G. A., Drozhzhin V. M., Bryzgalina V. V.

Kondratev N. B., Linovskaya N. V., Parashina F. I., Rudenko O. S., Savenkova T. V.
Features of the preservation of vitamins in chocolate

Nizhelskaya K. V., Chizhikova O. G.
Development of new types of precooked meat products – cutlets for older people

Rudenko O. S., Osipov M. V., Belova I. A., Svyatoslavova I. M.
Compliance of information on the content of vitamins when labeling confectionery products with their actual content

Taleysnik M. A. , Savenkova T. V., Soldatova E. A., Misteneva S. Yu., Mizinchikova I. I.
Technology of flour confectionery products using emulsion obtained in conditions of cavitation processing

Tsibizova M. E.
Expansion of assortment of culinary products from the grown fish