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Vol 8, 2005, 1 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Madatov A.G., Sereda A.-V.I.
The effective basin model concept and fast 3-D overpressure modelling in basin time scale

Madatov A.G., Sereda A.-V.I.
A multi-well data inversion purpose-built for calibration of an effective basin model at overpressure prediction

Madatov A.G.
The overpressure driven seismic velocity response. The review of standard models and methods for extraction in the context of basin modelling approach to overpressure prediction

Doronina E.N., Namgaladze A.A.
Variations of the latitude-longitudinal variations of thermospheric parameters during geomagnetic storms of 17-20 April, 2002

Doronina E.N., Namgaladze A.A., Goncharenko L.P.
Variations of thermospheric parameters above incoherent dispersion stations during geomagnetic storms of 17-19 April, 2002

Knyazeva M.A., Namgaladze A.A.
Mathematical modelling of forming the night middle-latitude maxima of the electron density in the F2-region of the quiet middle-latitude ionosphere and in the Earth plasmasphere

Yurik R.Yu., Namgaladze A.A.
Research of the thermospheric-ionospheric interaction in the disturbed conditions by the example of the magnetic storm of 3-4 April, 1979

Bol'shakova N.S.
On one more application of Latin squares

Borisova L.F.
The architecture of service interconnection in mobil vessel traffic services

Morozov N.N., Gnatyuk V.S.
The method of calculation of the function of energy distribution of conduction electrons at stationary gas ionization

Novikov V.Yu., Chebotok E.N., Gizatulina G.A., Konovalova I.N.
Kinetic characteristics of chemical deacetylation of chitin and chitosan