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Vol 10, 2007, 4 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Amosov P.V., Naumov A.V., Novozhilova N.V.
On diffusion transfer of long-lived radionuclides in engineered barriers of an underground spent fuel and radioactive waste disposal facility

Amosov P.V.
The analysis of the probabilistic scenario "Pumping well"

Veselov A.E., Nevretdinov Yu.M., Nekludov Yu.V., Karpov A.S., Yaroshevich V.V., Tokareva E.A., Senyushina L.V.
The analysis of influences of asymmetrical modes on operating conditions of hydrogenerators of the Niva HPS chain

Veselov A.E., Nevretdinov Yu.M., Yaroshevich V.V., Kabeev I.E., Fastiy G.P., Tokareva E.A.
Development of technical measures on compensation of short circuit capacitor currents on the ground and on restriction overvoltages in industrial distributive network systems

Nemychenkov A.V., Pimoshenko A.P., Shabanov V.G.
Research of the strain-deformed state of a bimetallic cylinder liner by the shell method

Zhivodyorov A.A.
The algorithm of management of electric energy demand

Vashchenko I.P.
On structure and characteristics of low-carbon low-alloy steel

Krivenko O.I.
On the possibility of capturing the transmitter's initial phase by a rugged oscillator in a simulation model

Podobed V.A.
On operation of portal cranes "Ganc" and "Kirovets" over passport values

Gil'miyarov E.B., Tsvetkov V.V.
Specialized marine power plants

Golubev B.V., Kobylyansky I.G., Shutov A.V., Dolmatova E.V.
On economic benefit of introduction of a new method of temperature tests and tests for thawing of cases – show-windows in different commercial establishments

Borisova L.F.
On the method of information-graphic imaging of networks' topologies for transport problem

Anisimov A.A., Men'shikov V.I., Sarlaev V.Ya.
The evolution of ship key operation states in organizational and technical system of watch

Anisimov A.N., Men'shikov V.I., Dessalen F.M.
The model of multiparameter control of state of ship safety operation and its structural analysis

Sarlaev V.Ya., Men'shikov V.I., Kuz'minykh I.S.
The adequacy of resources and control actions in the structures of ship safety operation

Men'shikov V.I., Desallen F.M.
On conditions of quasitransitiveness of security measures for a quantity of situations forming a ship key operation

Men'shikov V.I., Pen'kovskaya K.V., Solyanin A.V.
Survivability of socio-technical systems providing management of state of ship safety operation

Devyatkin P.N.
Separation of nickel and copper in solutions

Devyatkin P.N.
Extraction of cerium by naphthenic acids

Maslov A.A., Avsaragov Kh.B.
Treating of radioactive effluents by sorbents using minerals of the Kola region in static states

Novikov V.Yu., Chebotok E.N., Konovalova I.N.
Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of N-acetylglucosamine and D-glucosamine

Kuchina Yu.A., Shoshina E.V., Dubrovin S.Yu., Putintsev N.M., Konovalova I.N., Vasilevsky P.B.
The electrochemical method of enzymatic protein hydrolysates' production out of hydrobionts used for microbiological nutrient media

Tashkevich S.N., Brazhnaya I.E.
The technology of preserves production out of blanched semi-processed squid

Tashkevich S.N., Brazhnaya I.E.
On the technology of production of paste-like preserves out of low-aging fishery objects of the North basin

Papusha A.N., Pokholchenko V.A., Ershov A.M., Ershov M.A., Prygunov A.I.
On working out of a universal smoking-drying stove and calculation methods of heat and mass processes

Ershov A.M., Maslov A.A., Ponomarenko D.A., Shokina Yu.V., Obukhov A.Yu., Korobitsyn A.A.
On the optimum performance of the IR smoke generator of the second generation

Ershov A.M., Shokina Yu.V., Bespalova V.V., Kirilyuk O.A., Papusha A.N., Grokhovsky V.A., Belokopytova E.E.
On technology of delicious low-salted fish products using the smoking matter obtained on the basis of the smoke medium worked out by the IR smoke generator

Shokina Yu.V., Kirilyuk O.A., Zotova K.V., Putintsev N.M., Belokopytova E.E.
On optimization of storage conditions of new brands of half-smoked fish produced using the smoke medium worked out by the IR smoke generator

Ershov A.M.
Marine energy and economic development of Russia

Prygunov A.I.
On outlooks of the regional economy in the North-west of Russia