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Vol 1, 1998, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • Geology
  • Mining
  • Ecology


    Negrutsa V.Z.
    Study of the Precambrian: Methodology, Principles and Results

    Vetrin V.P.
    The Belomorian Megablock Lower Crust: Its Age, Structure and Conditions of Formation (by Results of Deep Seated Xenolith Studying)

    Balagansky V.V., Timmerman M.Ya., Kislitsyn R.V., Dayly J.S., Balashov Yu.A., Gannibal L.F., Sherstenikova O.G., Ryunenen G.I.
    The Isotope Age of the Kolvitsa Belt and the Umba Granulite Terrane (South-East of the Lapland Granulite Belt), the Kola Peninsula

    Fedotov Zh.A., Amelin Yu.V.
    The Postsvecofennic Dykes of Kola Region Dolerites: Craton Magmatism Dual Nature

    Kozlov N.E., Kozlova N.E.
    On Genesis of Garnet Plagiogranitoids of the Lapland Granulite Belt

    Vetrin V.P., Ovchinnikova G.V., Neimark L.A., Gorokhovsky B.M., Smirnov Yu.P.
    Muscovite-Microcline Metasomatites in Rocks of the Archaean Complex of the Kola Superdeep Borehole: Stages of Formation and Sources of Substance

    Liferovich R.P., Bayanova T.B., Gogol O.V., Sherstenikova O.G., Delenitsin O.A.
    The Genesis of Postcarbonatite Phosphate Mineralization of the Kovdor Phoscorite - Carbonatite Complex

    Evzerov V.Ya., Goryainov P.M.
    Prospects of Placer Deposits on the Baltic Shield

    Kolka V.V.
    The Munosero Ice-divide Upland

    Avedisyan А.А., Kozlov N.E., Ikorsky S.V., Kamensky I.L., Pripachkin V.A.
    Geochemical Features of Fluids and Сorg Distribution in Metamorphic Rocks of the Lapland Granulite Belt

    Shipilov E.V.
    On the Basic Magmatizm Show Periodicity in the Eurasian West-Arctic Margin in Phanerosoic


    Maslov A.D., Melnikov N.N., Kalashnik A.I., Selin A.A., Lebedev A.V., Sukhoruchenkov A.I.
    Ways of Stabilization and Development of the Mining Complex of the Murmansk Region

    Tereshchenko S.V., Marchevskaya V.V., Maslov A.D., Golovanov V.G., Pogrebnyak O.S.
    Formation of High Quality Ore from Extracted Rock Is One of Conditions of Rational Technology of its Processing

    Bessonov I.I., Edigar'ev V.G.
    Influence of the Geological Information Uncertainty on Reliability of Definition of Underground Mine Basic Parameters

    Kozyrev S.A.
    Seismic Action of Underground Mass Explosions on Surface Structures

    Leont'ev А.А., Bessonov I.I.
    Utilization of Waste of Mining Industrial Complexes of the Kola Peninsula at Underground Mining


    Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.
    On Forecast of Future Glaciations in Terms of Disposal Safety of Radioactive Waste

    Melnikov N.N., Haoumov V.A., Goussak S.A.
    Radioecological Problems of Decommissioning of the Kola Nuclear Power Plant

    Naoumov V.A., Klimin S.G.
    Tritium as a Problem of Radioecological Safety of the Kola Region

    Ratkin N.E., Asming V.E., Koshkin V.V.
    Influence of Natural Local Factors on Snow Cover Pollution (on the Example of the Pechenga Area)

    Fyodorova O.A., Beryoza I.G.
    On Water Disposal Problems of Fish Industry