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Vol 19, 2016, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2016-3

Food products technology

Alimov A. V., Tsibizova M. E.
Rationale for using integrated enzymatic preparation for receiving food fibers from secondary resources of vegetable material processing

Borisenko A. A.
Quantum-chemical study of dispersion medium influence on the emulsifying ability of milk proteins

Kuranova L. K., Zhivlyantseva Yu. V., Grokhovsky V. A.
The study of biological value of peptone derived from secondary raw fish

Novikov V. Yu., Dolgopyatova N. V., Konovalova I. N., Kuchina Yu. A.
Properties of aqueous dispersion of chitosan and chondroitin sulfate complex derived from aquatic organisms

Pas'ko O. V., Lisin P. A., Tarasova E. Yu.
Formation of the texture of fermented milk and cereal product by varying the particle size distribution of cereal compositions

Grokhovsky V. A., Kuranova L. K., Volchenko V. I., Glukharev A. Yu., Glazunov Yu. T.
New type of canned cod gonads and liver pastes

Dement'eva N. V., Bogdanov V. D.
Technology of puddings made of Pacific herring milt

Dubova O. L., Bakholdina L. P., Shenderyuk V. V.
Chlorinated organic compounds in aquatic biological resources of the Baltic region

Mukatova M. D., Kirichko N. A., Romanenkova E. N., Zotova N. Yu.
Development of technology for washed minced fish production from low-profit objects of fishing in the Volga-Caspian Basin

Mukatova M. D., Kirichko N. A.
The technology of fish-vegetable feed production

Nikitina T. A., Klyukina O. N., Ptichkina N. M.
Market researches on demand for dietary and prophylactic nutrition in the Saratov Region

Raibulov S. P., Shokina Yu. V., Dunetc V. V., Ostarkova P. A.
Recipe and technology development for minced canned products of special purpose based on the underutilized North region fishery object (thorny skate)

Stepanenko E. I., Andreev M. P., Nekhamkin B. L.
Basis for calculating technological parameters of preparation of minced salted fish products of intermediate moisture with specified physical and chemical characteristics

Alexeev G. V., Verboloz E. I., Leu A. G.
Research of tare hydrodynamic behaviour at sterilization of canned fish

Bufetov N. S., Dekhtyar R. A., Ovchinnikov V. V.
An experimental investigation of thermo-capillary convection in solution of lithium bromide at non-isothermal absorption