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Vol 25, 2022, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2022-25-3

Food Technology

Vokurova D. A., Nikiforova T. E.
Influence of cellulose-containing sorbent preparation method based on linen fiber on its functional properties
P. 153-167

Kolberg N. A., Moskovenko N. V., Tikhonov S. L. , Tikhonova N. V.
The effect of enzymatic hydrolysate of lymphoid tissue of broiler chickens on the morphofunctional state of macrophages
P. 168-182

Lukina E. V., Shokina Yu. V., Antonov P. V., Levshina I-E. O.
Analysis of complex changes in salmon salting by injection using the food additive PRE-LACKS
P. 183-196

Poznyakovsky V. M. , Zakharenko M. A. , Avstrievsikh A. N. , Zinovieva E. N.
Specialized product in the form of a biotechnological complex of bacterial metafiltrates for selective sorption of endotoxins and metabolic correction of intestinal microflora
P. 197-206

Tikhonov S. L., Tikhonova N. V., Kolberg N. A., Ozhgikhina A. S., Shikhalev S. V.
Microcapsulation and evaluation of subchronic toxicity of peptides extracted from cow colostrum and peptides of Fabricius bursa extract of broiler chickens
P. 207-218

Bogdanov V. D., Simdyankin A. A., Pankina A. V., Mostovoy V. D.
Investigation of the effect of structure-regulating additives on the properties of minced fish systems
P. 219-230

Rysmukhambetova G. E. , Ushakova Yu. V., Beloglazova K. E. , Kozhushko S. Yu., Karpunina L. V.
Effect of dietary fiber on yoghurt quality
P. 231-238

Simakova I. V., Strizhevskaya V. N., Nosacheva N. P., Bolotova N. V., Larina M. V., Romanova O. V.
Development of technological solutions for creating nutritional support for the body
P. 239-247

Cherepanov I. S. , Mukhdarova E. Sh.
Study of D-glucose influence on L-ascorbic acid destruction in aqueous-ethanolic media
P. 248-258

Vasilyev P. S., Cherikova K. V., Shagarova A. A., Reva L. S.
Calculation method for heat and mass transfer apparatuses with porous plastic contact devices
P. 259-269

Bakanev S. V., Matyshkin V. B., Sennikov A. M., Stesko A. V.
Assessment and fishery of shellfish stocks in the Barents and White Seas in 2000–2020
P. 270-284