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Vol 5, 2002, 2 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Natural Sciences

    Engineering Sciences

    Vlasov A.B.
    Analysis of statistical processing of thermovision tests' data

    Kotov A.A.
    To the theory of creepage and long-lived strength of concrete

    Lunin V.I., Pasechnikov M.A., Gladyshevsky M.A.
    Using of computer fishing trainer for studying the "Commercial fishery" course

    Men'shikov V.I., Koukoui Firmin Djivo
    The model of the management system of ship safe operation

    Menshikov V.I., Menshikova K.V., Pasechnikov M.A.
    Optimization of resource in management systems of vessel secure exploitation

    Menshikov V.I., Chkoniya V.A.
    Minimization of navigational hazards in ergonomics system "the integrated system bridge-navigator"

    Pashentsev S.V.
    Zermelo navigational task: an analytical solution for a velocities' linear field

    Rudenko A.A., Lunin V.I.
    Net fishing of cod in the Barents Sea coastal zone

    Sanaev A.I., Men'shikov V.I., Pasechnikov M.A.
    Analytical fix of the vessel in a coastal area

    Solov'yov L.N.
    Hydrological characteristics of the radiation reservoir of the NPP basin-cooler at radionuclide storing up

    Solov'yov L.N.
    Formation of radionuclide composition in objects of NPP radiation monitoring

    Sudnin V.M., Hokkanen V.N., Sarlaev V.Ya.
    On influence of hydrometeorological conditions on trawl system movement

    Yudin Yu.I., Stepakhno R.G.
    On processing of full-scale tests' results considering trajectory observations of manoeuvres

    Natural Sciences

    Baryshnikov A.V., Grebnev V.Yu., Putintsev N.M.
    Isotopy influence on water dielectric properties

    Borisova L.F.
    Regular topologies in microprocessor systems and computer nets

    Volchenko I.O., Brylyov S.N.
    Philosophy of working out of continuous educational course on information science

    Gomonov A.D.
    On izogeometric spline-interpolation

    Dranitsa Yu.P.
    Principles of neurowise modelling of geophysical objects and processes

    Mazukhina S.I., Sandimirov S.S.
    On influence of technogenic sewage on physical and chemical characteristics of the freshwater reservoir

    Makarov D.V., Kuznetsov V.Ya., Makarov V.N., Trofimenko T.A.
    Influence of the pentlandite composition on its flotation characteristics (by roentgenometric data)

    Manakova N.K., Makarov V.N.
    On possibility of magnesium-bearing meliorant extracting from the tailings of vermiculite ores' benefication

    Namgaladze А.А., Namgaladze А.N., Chernyuk L.A.
    Numerical modeling of the thermospheriv wind velocity vector behaviour in the high-latitude ionospheric E-region

    Pivovarov V.G., Pivovarov V.V.
    On the deduction of Lorentz transformation laws without the postulate on the constancy of light velocity

    Putintsev D.N., Putintsev N.M.
    On structural properties of condensed inert gases and water

    Rozhkov A.S.
    On a new approach to the inverse dynamic problem solution for the layered media

    Solov'yov L.N.
    The jet stream influence on the intensity of 7Ве traffic between the stratosphere and troposphere