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Vol 6, 2003, 1 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Natural Sciences

    Engineering Sciences

    Anisimov A.N. and Men'shikov V.I.
    Ship key operation - the interconnected pair "attribute - state"

    Anisimov A.N. and Men'shikov V.I.
    Peculiarities of social control in the safety management systems

    Bayeva L.S. and Payalov A.V.
    On researches of characteristics of steel rope material

    Bedharzhevsky V.S.
    On the development of design automation software of heat power machinery

    Brandt F.R. and Men'shikov V.I.
    Measurement of indeterminacy in the observated location of a vessel

    Vlasov A.B.
    On research of non-stationary heat processes in dielectric by means of thermovision

    Volchenko V.I., Grokhovsky V.A. and Vasilevsky P.B.
    Production of quality canned food from the frozen fish liver

    Gavrilov V.V.
    Upgrading of marine diesel performance attributes by modelling heat-mass exchange processes in a working cylinder

    Lunin V.I. and Pasechnikov M.A.
    Selectivity devices of fishing appliances

    Lykhin G.V., Lunin V.I. and Pasechnikov M.A.
    The development of the Barents Sea shelf and training of the specialists in this field

    Markova O.N., Chernega O.P. and Semyonov B.N.
    Biochemical analysis of fish frozen by liquid nitrogen

    Markova O.N. and Semyonov B.N.
    Thermographic analysis of fish frozen by liquid nitrogen

    Men'shikov V.I. and Koukoui Firmin Djivo
    Peculiarities of realization of the planned navigation process optimality

    Men'shikov V.I., Yudin Yu.I. and Yudin A.Yu.
    The calculation model of strike risk at mooring

    Sanaev A.I. and Pasechnikov M.A.
    Analytical fix of the vessel by two measured intervals from navigational marks with the help of laser range finders

    Stepakhno R.G.
    On the Nomoto model of manoeuvrability

    Chkoniya V.A. and Men'shikov V.I.
    Classification of the factors attendant to the errors in activity of the marine specialists

    Chkoniya V.A. and Men'shikov V.I.
    On the estimation of reliability of the data base representation to the ship specialist in the integrated bridge system

    Natural Sciences

    Namgaladze A.A., Namgaladze A.N., Fadeeva Yu.V., Goncharenko L.P. and Salah J.E.
    Lower thermosphere and ionosphere behaviour during a strong magnetic storm of March 31, 2001: Modelling and comparison with the Millstone Hill incoherent scatter radar measurements

    Vasyokha M.V. and Shibanov V.N.
    On research of interaction of cobalt ions (II) and sodium sulfite

    Vasyokha M.V. and Shibanov V.N.
    On solubility of iron (II) sulphite and its thermodynamic characteristics

    Kalashnik A.I., Savchenko S.N., Panin V.I., Kaspar'yan E.V. and Smirnova O.V.
    Methodical approaches to geomechanical processes research of gas-oil deposits of the Barents Sea shelf

    Karzhavin V.K.
    On the data correctness of thermodynamic properties of the melt components

    Madatov A.G. and Sereda V.-A.I.
    Upscaling of a basin model required for pore pressure prediction before and during drilling

    Makarov V.N., Kul'kova N.M., Makarov D.V. and Suvorova O.V.
    Investigation of fusibility in the system albite - aegirite - pentaoxodisilicate natrium - quartz

    Makarov V.N., Suvorova O.V. and Kul'kova N.M.
    Ceramic materials made of wastes of iron, mica and apatite-nepheline ores

    Putintsev D.N. and Putintsev N.M.
    The heat capacity and heat expansion of water

    Rozhkov A.S.
    The new approaches to calculation of density of the longitudinal seismic wave field for the layered geologic medium

    Solov'yov L.N. and Solov'yov F.L.
    Field modelling of merging of river and manufacturing water of the stream Medvezhiy in the river Kola

    Shapovalova Yu.A., Namgaladze A.A. and Namgaladze A.N.
    The main ionospheric trough stratification as a result of the noncoincidence of the Earth's geomagnetic and geographic axes