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Vol 10, 2007, 3 No

Philosophical Sciences

Baranov N.A.
Freedom as an element of political development of Russia

Borzova E.P., Ageev A.Yu.
Influence of scholastic antitrinitarist views of Miguel Servet on medieval Spanish culture

Valts L.L.
On the problem of estrangement in Russian existential philosophy (N. Berdyaev, L. Shestov)

Golov A.G.
Local history movement in Karelia and the Kola North in 1920-30s: Setting the problem

Gruzdeva O.V.
Political reform – evolution or revolution?

Dudnik S.I., Pruel N.A.
On educational accumulation in the system of human reproduction

Zabelina N.N.
On the role of science as a factor of historical progress in the views of D.I. Pisarev

Kassirov A.G.
Philosophical views of P.A. Kropotkin on the unity of nature and society

Malyshko A.A.
The philosophical aspects of distance education

Machkarina O.D.
Neokantianism in Russia in the first quarter of the XX century (A.I. Vvedensky, P.B. Struve)

Melikh Yu.B.
L.P. Karsavin. To the 125th anniversary.

Mironov V.V.
Philosophy as metaphysics

Nikolaeva T.A.
Philosophical views of N.I. Novikov

Perov Yu.V.
The historical measurement of philosophy of culture

Ryabev V.V.
The Russian state and formation of civil society and political culture of public spirit

Serbinenko V.V.
On modern research problems of history of Russian philosophy

Tatarovskaya I.G.
On the image of the Universe in African mythology

Toltov V.M.
On problems of modern education and possible ways of their solution

Kha'rullin I.I.
Language as a social phenomenon in works of W. Gumboldt and A.A. Potebnya

Shatina A.B.
On the philosophical essence of right development

Shingarov G.H.
Cognitive and methodological basis of physiology in works of I.P. Pavlov

Turchaninova T.V., Khrapov V.E.
On role of a state in economic and social development of a society

Khrapov V.E., Turchaninova T.V.
State regulation of natural resource use in economics of foreign countries

Baranov M.V.
Philosophical and historical views of V.O. Klyuchevsky

Grebeshev I.V.
On basic tendencies of Russian personalizm