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Vol 2, 1999, 1 No

Philosophical Sciences

  • Philosophy
  • Pedagogics


    Sokhranyaeva T.V.
    Future of culture in the theoretical heritage of P.A.Sorokin

    Monastyrskaya I.A.
    Problems of formation and development of "a slavic type" person in historic and cultural process

    Tuchkova T.V.
    N.A.Berdyaev about Russian national character

    Lutonina S.G.
    Russian philosophy in the system of world culture

    Ryabinina T.V.
    Dialectics of love and freedom in erotic philosophy of N.A.Berdyaev

    Savel'eva I.Yu.
    Formation of Pisarev's views on history and philosophy

    Pavlov S.I.
    The doctrine of A.I.Herzen on formations, or conditions of mankind

    Glukhikh Ya.A.
    Liberalism as a political direction in second half ХIХ - beginning ХХ centuries

    Matchkarina O.D.
    The concept of the person in Russian and German philosophy of the end of the ХIХth – the beginning of the ХХth centuries (comparative analysis)

    Dudina I.A.
    The concept of essence of the person in philosophy of I.A.Il’in

    Dolgodvorov V.A.
    Problem of active essence of the person

    Lukichova I.A.
    Problematics of artificial in social philosophy of J.Lock

    Mararitsa V.F., Okoneshnikov P.N.
    Social systems and the metasystematic approach

    Maslova Е.V.
    Historical-philosophical aspect of co-evolution concept

    Perov Yu.V.
    М.Weber understanding of metaphysical background of "thinking in values"

    Basin A.A.
    Evolution of "legal world outlook" in social philosophy of New time

    Pivovarov V.G., Nikonov O.A.
    Methodological aspects of Lorentz transformations choosing of length and time standards

    Zabelina N.N.
    Anthropology as basis of educational philosophy


    Vlasova S.V.
    Humanistic senses of science and humanization of scientific education

    Martynenko O.V.
    Psychology of gifted children. From experience of work with pupils of Murmansk Polytechnical Lyceum

    Pustovachenko N.N.
    Control and estimation of results of training to computer science at school

    Volchenko I.O., Ezhova N.M.
    Research of knowledge mastering processes of high school students