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Vol 15, 2012, 3 No

Natural and Engineering, Philosophical Sciences

Anokhina V.S.
Aquaculture and biological evaluation of plant farming of Salvelinus alpinus lepechini (G.) in the Murmansk region enterprises

Berezina I.A.
Feeding peculiarities of the Phocidae kept in captivity

Dolgov A.V., Benzik A.N.
Feeding rations and food consumption of Greenland halibut in the Barents Sea

Kalinina N.R.
High-quality setting material as a basis of biosafety of salmon commercial farms

Kravets I.P.
Settlements of Mytilus edulis L. on the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea

Litvinova M.Yu., Ilyinsky V.V., Semenenko M.N., Peretrukhina I.V.
Distribution and potential activity of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria in the water of the middle and northern tribes of the Kola Bay

Ovchinnikova S.I., Shashkova E.V.
Peculiarities of photosynthesizing activity of Pinus sylvestris L. tree needles in coniferous forests of the Kola Peninsula

Ovchinnikova S.I., Shirokaya T.A., Pashkina O.I.
Basic tendencies of changing hydrochemical parameters of the Kola Bay aquatic ecosystem in 2000-2011

Salmova N.A., Zhuravlyova N.G.
The morphological structure of the liver and pancreas of Atlantic cod juvenile (Gadus morthua L.) in artificial culture

Brazhny A.I., Men'shikov V.I., Dedkov N.P., Papusha A.N., Kovalchuk V.V.
Probabilistic assessment of the structural stability of the organizational and technical safety management systems of vessels by the averaging method

Vasekha M.V.
Spectrophotometric research of acidic sulphite solutions

Grinyak V.M., Devyatisilny A.S.
Algorithm of multi-model tracking the trajectory of vessel traffic with a fuzzy criterion of maneuvering detection

Dedkov N.P., Morozov N.N., Putintsev N.M., Podobed V.A.
Innovative technologies for elimination of emergency oil spillage at transportation by vessels

Dushin V.L., Men'shikov V.I., Dedkov N.P., Papusha A.N.
Minimisation of the information distortions in the vessel safety management systems

Zolotov O.V., Namgaladze A.A., Prokhorov B.E.
Total electron content disturbances prior to Great Tohoku March 11, 2011 and October 23, 2011 Turkey Van earthquakes and their physical interpretation

Karpov M.I., Namgaladze A.A., Zolotov O.V.
Three-dimensional structure of the seismo-electromagnetic ionospheric electron density disturbances

Knyazeva M.A., Romanovskaya Yu.V., Namgaladze A.A.
Numerical modeling of the electron density enhancements in the night-time ionospheric F2-layer

Sirotyuk A.A., Men'shikov V.I., Morozov N.N., Putintsev N.M.
Reliability of resolution of problem situations in the management of the vessel safety

Solov'yov A.A., Shugai S.N.
Dynamics of vessel at aim purse seining

Solov'yov A.A., Shugai S.N.
Dynamics of vessel at aim trawling fishing

Syurin S.A., Burakova O.A.
Respiratory pathology pattern of aluminium industry workers in Russian Arctic

Syurin S.A., Rocheva I.I.
On gender-specific features of bronchopulmonary diseases in copper-nickel industry workers

Borzova E.P., Machkarina O.D., Dudnik S.I., Polataiko S.V.
Person and society: Interaction in the philosophical heritage of Slavophiles (A.S. Khomyakov, Yu.F. Samarin, K.S. Aksakov, and I.V. Kireevsky)

Dudnik S.I., Borzova E.P., Malyshko A.A., Machkarina O.D.
Cognition as person being in the works of P.A. Florensky and A.F. Losev

Dudnik S.I., Osipov I.D.
Lossky: Ethics of responsibility

Malyshko A.A., Borzova E.P., Machkarina O.D., Kravtsov V.A.
Problem of rational in the heritage of P.A. Florensky

Machkarina O.D., Kravtsov V.A., Malyshko A.A., Vasil'eva V.N.
Personalism of F.M. Dostoevsky and the idea of person in Russian philosophy

Polataiko S.V., Kuznetsov Yu.V., Malyshko A.A., Kibitkin A.I.
Historical materialism of Karl Marx and his modern assessment

Kruglov A.N.
Sidonsky and Kant