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Vol 13, 2010, 4 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences (Special Issue)

Ershov A.M.
Time of youth (on the 60th anniversary of MSTU)

Makarevich P.R., Ishkulov D.G.
Structure and species diversity of pelagic and bottom-dwelling biocenoses of the Barents Sea in conditions of changing climate

Lubin P.A., Anisimova N.A., Manushin I.E., Zhuravlyova N.E.
By-catch of macrozoobenthos in ichthyological bottom trawling as index of trawling intensity

Matishov G.G., Berestovsky E.G., Martynov V.G., Balykin P.A.
Perspective methods of conservation of population diversity of anadromous salmon fish in northern and far-eastern regions of Russia

Kozyrenko E.A., Ottesen O., Amin A.
Peculiarities of distribution and chemical structure of mucous cells in the epidermis of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L.

Nekhaev I.O.
Life forms of freshwater Gastropoda at the north part of the Kola Peninsula

Fatychov Ju.A., Suslov A.A., Magharov A.V.
Technology of food addition from fish bone: Results of research

Ershov A.M., Bestughev A.S., Fatychov Ju.A., Balashov S.O.
Research of mass-transfer processes at combined dry salting of fish

Petrov B.F.
Technology of antiadhesive oiling mixture based on fat-containing waste substances of fish processing enterprises

Alloyarov K.B., Shokina Yu.V., Korobitsyn A.A.
Application expansion of mathematical model of fuel pyrolysis in IR smoke generator of improved productivity

Vasil'ev A.M., Kuranov Yu.F.
Problems of development of biological resources of Arctic seas

Chernov A.S., Khatsenko E.S.
Stability of enterprises of bio-resource sphere in the conditions of crisis

Pauze Yu.
Innovation catching technologies

Solov'yov A.A., Shugay S.N.
Application of proportional navigation method for aim trawling of mobile fish congestion

Kholodov G.G.
Requirements of national marine classification societies to works at sea shelf and to reference systems of vessels equipped with dynamic positioning systems and their classification

Skorokhodov D.A., Borisova L.F., Borisov Z.D.
Principles and categories of navigation safety guaranteeing

Pashentsev S.V.
Parametrical identification of maneuvering characteristics according to results of environmental tests of the "Zigzag" type in non-linear model of vessel controllability

Sorokhtin N.O., Kozlov N.E., Glaznev V.N., Chikiryov I.V.
Oil-and-gas content potential of western part of the Arctic shelf of Russia and forecast search criteria hydrocarbon raw materials in the coastal zone of the Kola Peninsula

Voevodkin D.A.
On problem of efficient use of associated petroleum gas resources of the northern part of Timano-Pechora province

Tanygina T.N., Krylov R.A.
The oil-maternal formations of Upper Jurastic deposits of the South-Barents syneclise

Papusha A.N.
Design solutions for marine oil and gas technologies of hydrocarbon fields development in Arctic

Papusha A.N., Gudmestad Ove T., Shishko A.L.
Technical solutions for multi-component gas transportation from Shtockman Field by submarine pipeline

Derkach S.R., Berestova G.I., Motylyova T.A.
Use of surface-active reagents for stimulation of oil production at the original and secondary opening of layers

Sereda A.-V.I.
Effective approach to numerical modeling of natural dynamic systems' characteristics

Khudyakova A.A., Gubaydullin M.G., Konyuhov A.V.
Model of active layer permafrost with ice cracks and improvement of calculation of soil bases' intense-deformed condition

Mazukhina S.I., Masloboev V.A., Chudnenko K.V., Bychinsky V.A., Svetlov A.V.
Natural surface and underground water formation conditions in the Kola North (an example of the Khibiny Massif)