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Vol 13, 2010, 4 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Yudin Yu.I.
Mathematical modeling of operation of tunnel thruster of drilling vessel

Yudin Yu.I.
Mathematical modeling of operation of azimuth thruster of drilling vessel

Yudin Yu.I.
Mathematical modeling of operation of azimuth thruster of drilling vessel while moving arbitrarily

Vulfovich B.A.
On some problems of teaching navigators

Shushko V.D.
Transfer of fish catches from trawler to mother ship at sea by a contactless method

Skorokhodov D.A., Borisova L.F., Borisov Z.D.
Standardization of navigation safety indices and risks of losses

Amosov P.V., Khotmirov A.A.
Substantiation of configuration of underground isolation object of Swedish spent nuclear fuel considering thermal factor

Amosov P.V.
On influence of module with radiation-hazardous wastes orientation on underground hydrosphere contamination

Naumov V.A., Gusak S.A.
Long-lived radionuclides and the problem of radioactive waste disposal in the Northern region of Russia

Devyatkin P.N.
Sorption cleaning of solutions from naphthenic acid

Devyatkin P.N.
Modern capabilities of determining equilibrium composition of multicomponent chemical systems

Masloboeva S.M., Lebedev V.N., Arutyunyan L.G.
Extraction reprocessing of fluoride-sulphuric acid solutions resulting from plumbomicrolite concentrate decomposition

Masloboeva S.M., Arutyunyan L.G.
Obtaining high-purity niobium (V) at decomposition of lithium orthoniobate in fluoride-sulphuric acid medium

Petrov B.F.
Technology of fatty acids concentrate based on low-grade fish oil

Drozdova O.V., Yakubovich M.V.
Influence of traction electric supply of alternate current on transmission deadlines

Remezovsky V.M., Belyaev I.V.
Modeling of controlled equalizer in network systems

Baboshin A.A., Malyshev V.S.
Complex technology of engine’s diagnostics and equipment for estimation of technical state of internal-combustion engine pistons

Maslov A.A., Sovlukov A.S., Fateev V.Ya., Yatsenko V.V., Vlasova A.R.
Radiofrequency resonator for measuring physical properties of liquids

Vlasov A.B., Mukhin E.A.
Application of thermovision inspection for estimation of electric installation heat condition and temperature of windings of marine electric machines

Buzunov E.G., Mezin I.Yu.
Methods for forecasting of steel wire zinc coating quality

Ershov M.A., Ershov A.M., Nikolaenko O.A.
Methods of calculating curves of kinetics and dynamics of dehydration for drying and cold-smoked fish

Milkin V.I., Kalityonkov N.V., Kalityonkov A.N., Gurin A.V., Zagorodneva N.S., Amel'kin D.A.
Innovative polarization antenna for radiocommunication in high latitudes (Navigation safety in Arctic)

Borisova L.F., Korobko A.N.
On automation of smoke receiving technological process in infrared rays' generators

Podobed N.E.
Numerical modelling of feasible wind loads for operational status of travel mechanisms of gantry crane "Hanz"

Podobed N.E.
Main parameters of work of gantry cranes' travel mechanism accounting wind load by an operational method

Kovalchuk V.V., Mokhov G.V.
Mobile source of seismic oscillations for shallow waters

Morozov N.N., Kashkatenko G.V.
Microwave heating of oil products in pipelines

Ivanova L.A., Kostina V.A., Kremenetskaya M.V., Inozemtseva E.S.
Accelerated formation of erosion-preventive herbage on man-caused disturbed territories: The Far North

Belkina O.A., Likhachov A.Yu.
The check-list of mosses of the Lappland State Nature Reserve

Gasanov R.B., Zhirov V.K.
Low temperature effects on phenological rhythms of higher plants of different growth form in the Far North town conditions

Lemzakova A.S.
Estimation of winter feed base of roe in basic types of low-mountain forests in the Western Caucasus

Asming V.E., Kremenetskaya E.O., Vinogradov Yu.A., Evtyugina Z.A.
Criteria of explosions and earthquakes identification for estimation of seismic danger of the region

Dranitsa Yu.P., Dranitsa A.Yu., Alekseevskaya O.V.
Setting and solution of primal problem of linear optimal filtering

Masloboev A.V., Putilov V.A.
Development and implementation of mobile agent security control mechanisms in the distributed multi-agent information systems

Men'shikov V.I., Pasechnikov M.A., Ishkov V.V.
State of integrity of vessel safe operation system and management of this state by resource

Zharkikh A.A., Bychkova S.M.
Recognition of direction of point random shift accounting random rotation

Zharkikh A.A., Pavlov I.A.
Analysis of audio signal self-similarity properties based on differential and integrating algorithms of fractional order

Zharkikh A.A., Gurin A.V.
Plastunov V.Yu., Exactly reversible method of hiding information in audiofile preserving container histogram

Tereshchenko V.A., Tereshchenko V.D., Chernyakov S.M.
Winter polar stratospheric clouds of 2010 in the high latitudes

Martynenko O.V., Botova M.G.
Peculiarities of diffusion formation of the plasmasphere spatial structure: Completely symmetrical statement of the problem

Knyazeva M.A., Zubova Yu.V., Namgaladze A.A.
Numerical modelling of the Weddell Sea Anomaly in behaviour of the ionospheric F2-region

Zolotov O.V., Prokhorov B.E.
Morphological features of the total electron content variations before the Whenchuan earthquake, 2008

Bessarab Yu.F., Koren'kov Yu.N.
Height distribution of molecular ions concentration in the F-region of the polar ionosphere accounting currents and dynamic processes

Gomonov A.D.
Constructing regional maps of oceanic currents basing B-spline interpolation of sea-surface level anomalies using satellite data

Prygunov A.I.
An experimental exploration of the dynamical chaos' structures