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Vol 16, 2013, 1 No

Natural Science

Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.
Effect of "conductive" bore in porous medium

Anisimov A.N., Anisimov A.A., Butakov A.A., Men'shikov V.I.
Dissipative associative-structural description of security system and its functioning in the context of phase transformations' theory

Anisimov A.N.
On the question about sailing qualities of vessel during ice navigation

Baboshin A.A., Kosarev A.S., Malyshev V.S.
Assessment of technical condition of the internal combustion engine by pressure in intake and exhaust manifolds

Baboshin A.A., Kosarev A.S., Malyshev V.S.
Assessment of technical condition of the internal combustion engine according to the current consumed by the starter motor when scrolling

Vidin Yu.V., Ivanov D.I.
Approximate approach to calculation of a non-stationary temperature field in a hollow cylinder

Vidin Yu.V., Kazakov R.V.
Approximate approach to calculating thermal conductivity of radial rib of constant thickness

Vlasov A.B., Mukhin E.A., Tsaryov B.D.
The factor analysis of the diagnostic model of the electrical machine thermovision control

Volkov M.A.
Effect of the tailward magnetic field lines on the convection in the Harang discontinuity

Volkov M.A., Romanova N.Yu.
The appearance of the electric currents during dipolarization of the Earth magnetic field lines

Votinov M.V., Maslov A.A., Ershov M.A., Pokholchenko V.A.
All-round automation of thermal processing of fish by the example of a compact drying plant

Gadilshina V.R., Kazunin D.V., Khairullin M.Kh., Shamsiev M.N.
Vertical gas wells tests at transient states

Golubev B.V., Shutov A.V., Glazunov E.A.
Research and choice of the most effective model of vessel fish refrigerant

Evtyugina Z.A., Asming B.E.
Features of infiltration water formation in the conditions of airtechnogenic pollution

Zharkikh A.A., Bychkova S.M.
Probabilities of recognition of direction of point shift on a plane on a random rotations background

Kalashnik A.I., Kazachkov S.V., Sokharev V.A., Zaporozhets D.V., D'yakov A.Yu.
Revealing dispositions in rocky mining constructions

Kashulin N.A., Dauvalter V.A., Denisov D.B., Valkova S.A., Vandysh O.I., Terent'ev P.M., Kashulin A.N.
Some aspects of current state of freshwater resources in the Murmansk region

Korikhin N.V., Eygenson S.N.
Study of stress concentration in some critical parts of hydraulic machines

Kuklin D.V.
Calculation of transient resistance of groundings using the finite difference time domain method

Masloboeva S.M., Kadyrova G.I., Zalkind O.A., Kuznetsov V.Ya.
Phase composition of niobium pentoxides doped with Mg2+ and Gd3+cations

Men'shikov V.I., Eryomin M.M., Ershov V.A.
Operation of vessel working conditions in the presence of non-system devices of management

Morozov N.N.
Microwave technology as a way to protect pipelines from corking

Naumov V.A., Karavaeva E.V.
Isotopic composition of spent nuclear fuel of reactors' active zones of the icebreaker Lenin

Pashentsev S.V., Yudin Yu.I.
Simulation of guided movement of vessel along the line of position

Prokhorenkov A.M., Istratov R.A.
Coordinating information system of management of transport unit infrastructures

Prokhorenkov A.M., Kachala N.M.
Study of adaptive features of heat supply systems using fuzzy control methods

Ravin A.A.
Algorithm of scanning cause of failure of vessel systems working capacity

Sergeev K.O., Kudryavtsev M.V.
Choice of transformation parameters for discrete measurement of torsional vibrations of shafts in ship power plants

Shakhmaeva A.R., Zakharova P.R., Feilamazova S.A.
Thickening of metals in silicon nanosize pores at formation of drain region of power transistor

Shchukina E.S., Gerasimova l.G., Okhrimenko R.F.
Alteration of composition of polymineral titanium containing mixture during its acid treatment

Yudin Yu.I., Petrov S.O., Kholichev S.N.
Basic laws in the motion of the vessel at anchor

Yudin Yu.I., Petrov S.O., Kholichev S.N.
Control of the vessel carrying out mooring operations to board a ship at anchor

Yudin Yu.I., Pashentsev S.V., Kayan V.V.
Calculation of forces acting on towage objects from towing connection

Yudin Yu.I., Kayan V.V.
Numerical modeling of autooscillations of a towed vessel