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Vol 17, 2014, 4 No

Philosophical Sciences

S.A. Agarkov, E.V. Nikora
Strategic orientation of the region economy industrial sector to achieving optimum economic results: Schematic outline

L.V. Brik, A.G. Goreltsev
On the essence of the concept "human capital"

A.I. Vinogradov
Subjects of history: Problems of typology

Yu.V. Vinogradova
Identification of "false principles" in cognitive activity as main objective of "A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge" D. Berkeley

S.V. Vlasova
Evolution of methods of theoretical knowledge justification

A.V. Volkov
On peculiarities of anthropological approach to scientific knowledge

A.S. Davydova
Views of the Murmansk region residents on Orthodox church and churches' organization

N.N. Zabelina
On the issue of the relationship between man and nature in the Russian philosophy of the XIX century

T.I. Zaeva
Senator I.V. Lopukhin on problems of civil responsibility of a person

T.S. Kuzubova
Interpretation of the ethical by I. Kant and F. Nietzsche: The difference of metaphysical grounds

A.A. Lvov
Formation of the term Weltanschauung in the German classical philosophy

B.V. Markov
Cultural technologies of formation of the man (qualitative approach)

O.D. Machkarina, N.D. Datsuk
Philosophy in educational programmes of theological academies of the XIX century in the estimates of P.I. Linitsky

V.I. Metlov
Dialectic in modern ideological situation

V.V. Mironov
Variety of space-time levels of being in the culture

A.K. Mishineva
The notions "equality" and "justice" as the basis of interpersonal and social relations in P.L. Lavrov's social-philosophical views

A.V. Mishchenko
The Trinitarian Universum

V.V. Ryabev
Civil society: Utopia or reality

М.E. Ryabova
Evolution of ambivalence's concepts in philosophy at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries

V.N. Samorodov
Methodological foundations of modern jurisprudence: Statement of a problem

A.A. Stoyan, O.D. Machkarina
Philosophical critique of ideological power in works of Slavoj Zizek

I.G. Tatarovskaya
The image of the demiurge and cultural hero in African mythology

V.F. Titov
Alienation as fundamental precondition of society development

K.M. Tovbin
Against Modern: Comparative analysis of anti-modernist concepts

R.I. Tripolsky
Пролегомены к общей теории университета

A.O. Shalavin
Analysis of the practical immortality problem and its solution in the context of the idea of "resurrection of fathers" by N.F. Fyodorov

Е.Н. Шарова, Е.В. Недосека
Life strategies of the Murmansk region youth: Sociological analysis of the basic measurement

G.Kh. Shingarov, R.A. Amas'yants, M.V. Shmonova
The dialectic of sense and rational in the language with speech pathology. Aphasia

I. Seredocha
From hierarchical to pro-effectivity culture – the direction of changes in local government units