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Vol 15, 2012, 1 No

Natural and Engineering, Social and Economic, Philosophical Sciences

  • Geology of Mineral Resources of the Kola Region

    Brazhnaya I.E., Bykova A.E., Sudak S.N., Semyonov B.N.,
    Wild plants of the Kola Peninsula in technology of frozen fish food production

    Brazhnaya I.E., Bykova A.E., Sudak S.N., Semyonov B.N.,
    Research of safety and mineral composition of wild raw materials of the Kola Peninsula

    Glazunov Yu.T., Ershov A.M., Ershov M.A., Selyakov I.Yu., Aminov V.A.
    Elements of the theory of "dotted" dehydration process of fish cold smoking and drying

    Grokhovsky V.A., Volchenko V.I., Kuranova L.K., Shveikina K.S., Glazunov Yu.T., Morozov N.N.
    Development of multi-component paste canned food with blanched cod liver and its oil

    Grokhovsky V.A., Morozov N.N.
    The use of electro-physical methods in technology of cold-smoked smokeless hydrobionts

    Grokhovsky V.A.
    The research for shelf-life determination of cold smoked fish produced by smokeless electrostatic smoking

    Ershov M.A., Ershov A.M.
    Simulations of the diffusion properties of fish during dehydration

    Kaychenov A.V., Maslov A.A., Vlasov A.V., Vlasova A.R., Prygunov A.I.
    Optimization of the sterilization process of canned food in water in the AVK-30M autoclave

    Motylyova T.A., Petrov B.F., Derkach S.R., Berestova G.I., Semyonov B.N.
    Use of fish oil as surface-active properties in technological processes

    Nikolaenko O.A., Kuranova L.K., Petrova I.B., Peretrukhina A.T., Semyonov B.N.
    Technology of canned fish family Gadidae

    Piskunovich D.I., Mukhin V.A.
    Biochemical assessment of proteolysis of hydrobionts' tissue

    Shokina Yu.V., Glazunov Yu.T., Papusha A.N., Alloyarov K.B., Korobitsin A.A.
    Clarification of diffusion and thermodiffusion coefficients in the mathematical model of process with infrared energy supply in smoke generating process

    Vlasov A.B., Shokina Yu.V., Alloyarov K.B., Prygunov A.I.
    Diagnostics of the infrared smoke generator's heat flows by methods of quantitative IR-thermography with a purpose of energy efficiency raise

    Papusha A.N., Vlasov A.B., Shokina Yu.V., Alloyarov K.B.
    Elaboration of automation system of smoke generation with an infrared energy supply

    Tret'yakova S.Yu., Petrov B.F., Peretrukhina A.T.
    Study of the process of extracting nutrients from the wastewater of fish processing enterprises

    Derkach S.R., Zotova K.V.
    Rheology of food emulsions

    Dolgopyatova N.V., Novikov V.Yu., Konovalova I.N., Shoshina E.V., Zotova K.V.
    Improving the technology of glucosamine production from crabmeat chitin

    Zotova K.V., Kuchina Yu.A., Shironina A.Yu., Novikov V.Yu., Derkach S.R.
    Influence of enzymic hydrolysis duration on properties of protein hydrolysates

    Kuchina Yu.A., Dolgopyatova N.V., Novikov V.Yu., Sagaidachny V.A., Morozov N.N.
    Instrumental methods of determining the degree of chitin deacetylation

    Portsel M.N., Novikov V.Yu., Konovalova I.N., Putintsev N.M., Shoshina E.V.
    Application of ultrafiltration process for purification of chondroitin sulfate extracted from marine hydrobionts

    Kuznetsov Yu.V., Kravtsov V.A., Kibitkin A.I.
    Social and philosophic concepts of person socialization (E. Durkheim and P. Piazhe)

    Romanov P.E., Tripolsky R.I.
    Mental causation and problems of consciousness desubstantivization in biological naturalism and neuroontology

    Serbinenko V.V.
    "Milestones": Philosophical and ideological motives

    Tripolsky R.I.
    Just another dream of Vera Pavlovna. (From a sketch on Russian macrohistory)

    Kotsuba V.I.
    Views of metropolitan Filaret (Drozdov) on principles of spiritual and social life of the person

    Belyaev V.A., Stolbov A.G.
    Economic and social essence of bioeconomical approach to using aqueous biological resources

    Borisenko O.K.
    Cluster development of regions in Russia

    Boroukhin D.S.
    Formation of financial mechanism of sustainable development of electric power industry in Northwest of Russia

    Gerashchenko L.V.
    Experience and modern trends of maritime education management

    Grudinova I.P., Perko N.V.
    Risk management of financial and budget development in a region (municipality)

    Geology of Mineral Resources of the Kola Region

    Dauvalter V.A., Kashulin N.A.
    Forecasting of long-term changes of freshwater regional systems of fishery in Arctic

    Erokhin G.A.
    Transport component in economic development of the region: A comparative analysis

    Ivanova M.V.
    Principles of the regional innovation system in Russian Federation

    Koz'menko S.Yu., Gainutdinova L.I.
    New economic geography and substantiation of rational gastransport infrastructure in the region

    Kuznetsova E.S., Bogdanova A.S.
    Evaluation of efficiency of state and municipal projects

    Kuranov Yu.F.
    Resourcing of fishing fleet upgrading

    Pashkus V.Yu.
    Quality and efficiency of public services sector

    Savel'eva S.B., Gerashchenko L.V.
    Social and economic development of Arctic coast

    Savel'eva S.B., Kutin V.M.
    Problems of developing entrepreneurship in the ship repair of the Murmansk region

    Skotarenko O.V.
    New methods of estimation of socio-economic development of regions in Russia

    Smirnova N.V., Smirnova S.A.
    Possibility of delivery of new fish products to consumer market

    Tepman F.A.
    Transformational processes in transportation of fish, fish and marine products from the Murmansk region

    Tripolsky E.N.
    Evaluation of economic efficiency of sequences of management tools using at fishing enterprises

    Chernov A.S.
    Influence of labour migration on regional labour market

    Shlafman A.I.
    Economic subjects and objects of business regulation

    Davydova A.S.
    Religious practice and views of young generation of the Murmansk region as an indicator of religiousness