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Vol 7, 2004, 1 No

Natural and Engineering, Social and Economic, Philosophical Sciences

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economics and Philosophy

    Engineering Sciences

    Beryoza I.G., Stankevich O.I.
    Application of the nitrification/denitrification method in biological treatment of fish-processing wastewater

    Borisova L.F.
    Safety traffic in virtual traffic lanes network of ships

    Borisova L.F.
    Determination of probabilistic and temporal characteristics of ship traffic in the sea fishery region

    Braslavsky A.S., Berezny V.V., Grigor'ev A.K.
    Hydrodynamic processes in self-pumping sliding bearing

    Gil'miyarov E.B.
    The peculiarities of ship power plants for long-line fishing

    Ershov A.M., Ershov M.A., Mazanikov A.A., Nikolaenko O.A.
    The determination of moisture diffusion ratios for dehydrating fish

    Reut K.V., Derkach S.R., Beryoza I.G.
    On the method of complex processing of chitin-containing raw material

    Sanaev A.I., Pasechnikov M.A.
    The ways of navigation equipment development in coastal regions

    Natural Sciences

    Volkov M.A., Romanova N.Yu.
    The simulation of the magnetosphere-ionosphere convection using the open magnetospheric model

    Voloshina Z.M., Karzhavin V.K., Petrov V.P.
    Metamorphism conditions and evaluation of fluid mode of the Pansky massive ore-bearing horizon in connection with the PGE mineralization

    Voron'ko N.G., Derkach S.R., Belyaevsky A.T.
    The structural characteristics of edible multicomponent gel according to the method of scanning electron microscopy

    Gorbunova S.I.
    House plants in the conditions of the Murmansk region

    Dyakina T.A., Derkach S.P., Petrova L.A.
    The structural and mechanical properties of concentrated emulsion on the basis of protein-lipidic mixtures

    Makarov D.V., Pavlov V.V.
    The research of electrochemical properties of sulphide minerals in acidic media

    Sorokhtin N.O.
    The early stages of the Earth's evolution

    Starodubtsev P.A., Starodubtsev E.P.
    Low-frequency acoustic tomography of the moving disturbed area of underwater objects by the method of coordinated non-reciprocity

    Chernyakov S.M.
    The on-line test of the ionosphere using the adaptive ionospheric model and based on total electron content

    Chernyakov S.M.
    Spaced resolution of latitudinal profiles of vertical electron content

    Economics and Philosophy

    Boltushkin B.E.
    The municipal charter: Peculiarities of acceptance, registration and implementation

    Vlasova S.V.
    The mechanisms of influence of education on science

    Vlasova S.V.
    The image of science in public consciousness

    Vorob'yov V.V.
    Juridical anthropology as a branch of jurisprudence

    Gomonov N.D.
    On the subject of modern criminological science

    Ezhov Yu.A.
    On the subject of the theory of state and right

    Ivanova I.A.
    On workers' participation in organization management as one of the forms of social partnership

    Krupornitskaya I.A.
    On the management of foreign trade of Russian Federation

    Nikonov O.A., Mikhailyuk A.V.
    The philosophical problems of quantum mechanics in the works of K. Popper

    Pozdnyakova R.B., Gomonov N.D.
    The appeals of decisions on administrative tort: The order and conditions

    Ryabev V.V.
    The social and political prerequisites of formation of civil society in Russia

    Shchetinskaya I.Z.
    Commonwealth of Independent States: The peculiarities of integration process in economy

    Boroukhin D.S., Grishin V.A.
    Regional target programmes as constituents of social and economic development of a territory (on the example of the Murmansk region)

    Ryazantseva M.V.
    Peculiarities of leasing relations in Russia